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Visit the brewery & distillery and meet the brewer in the loft!

After 65 years, Bourgogne des Flandres has returned to the inner city of Bruges with its own brewery and distillery. Explore the brewery and breathe in the smell of malt and fresh hops in the loft. See how the beer is brewed with your own eyes! Discover how we make Genever spirit out of our delicious beers.

Our brewery and the Ale House are accessible to visitors from Tuesday to Sunday from 10.30 am to 6.30 pm (last visit entry: 5.00pm). During bank & school holidays, particularly in July & August, open 7/7. We apply the latest covid-19 measures.

Visit the brewery

During the visit you will find out more about hops and the brewing process, discover the fermentation process, take a picture to print on your bottle to take back home! During the visit, have fantastic views on the most famous edifices of Bruges as the belfry or St-Anna’s church! Of course, at the end of the tour you will get a free Bourgogne des Flandres or a Genever and enjoy a wonderful view of the Bruges canals …


Adult Ticket (+16)

Explore the brewery and distillery, meet the brewer in the loft and breathe in the odours of the brewing process. Conclude the tour with a free Bourgogne des Flandres or a genever at the end of your visit. Audio self guided tour. (No reservation required)

Duo ticket + beerflight

Explore the brewery and distillery, meet the brewer in the loft and breathe in the flavours of the brewing process. This formula includes two individual tours plus a beer flight to share in the bar. A beer flight consists of 6 glasses (12cl) of our range of beers from tap, including our house beer Bourgogne des Flandres, an experimental brew made by our brewers and other beers from the Martin’s range. 2 pax - Audio self guided tour.

Teenager Ticket (12-16)

Let your children discover the secrets of the brewing process. Or do they prefer sending a digital postcard to their family? This tour does not include a free drink. (No reservation required)

Child Ticket (-12)

Kids can visit the brewery free of charge and look for the little mole that pops up in every room. If they submit their answers, they will receive a small present. Let us know how many moles you found and you will receive a little surprise. (No reservation required)

Free of charge

Guided brewery visit

Explore the brewery with one of our guides and experience the different aspects of the brewing process with all your senses. Meet the brewer in the attic and enjoy a delicious Bourgogne des Flandres in our charming alehouse after your visit.


You can visit the brewery on your own without a guide. All texts are available in Dutch, French, English and German. Audio guides are available in even more languages: Spanish, Italian, Japanese and Russian.

Visit: Dutch, French, English, German
Audio guides: Dutch, French, English, German, Spanish, Italian, Japanese, Russian


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As a group

Groups of at least 20 people get a nice extra: after visiting the brewery, they can opt for a blending session in which the participants can blend their own Bourgogne des Flandres. 

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As a group

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Opening hours Open all day!

Tuesday - Sunday
Closed on Monday except during belgian school holidays
10:30 – 17:00
Ale House 10:30 - 18:30
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The brewery, bar and meeting rooms are easily accessible for wheelchair users and people with reduced mobility thanks to our lift. The brewery tour is also accessible for the most part provided that an accompanying person is present. Please inform the reception desk before your visit and we will gladly assist you.

Kartuizerinnenstraat 6 8000 Brugge

Frequently asked questions

In what languages can I take the tour?

As a rule, everything in the brewery is explained in Dutch, French, English and German. Subtitles to videos are available in Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, Russian and Japanese for groups. An audiguide can be provided in all these languages. You can take a tour between 10.30 am and 6 pm with the last tour starting at 5 pm.

How long does a visit take?

You can take the tour at your own pace. We suggest 40 minutes for the tour, but nothing stops you from taking your time. Your free Bourgogne des Flandres or other drink at the end of your visit is not included in these 40 minutes. 

What does the tour cover?

You can visit Bourgogne des Flandres brewery on your own without a guide. Thanks to the video in the old brewer’s house, you’ll discover the history of this beer, which has finally returned to the inner city of Bruges. Explore the brewery, learn more on the ingredients and be surprised by the aroma of malt and fresh hops in the loft. You can even ask questions to the brewer! In the interactive room you’ll learn how to tap beer digitally, send e-cards to your friends and family, or take a bottle of Bourgogne des Flandres with your picture home after you’ve picked it up in the Finest Brewery Shop at the end of your visit.

Can I visit the brewery throughout the day?

We are open from Tuesday to Sunday between 10:30 am and 6:30 pm. The final tour begins at 5 pm.

Is the brewery easily accessible to people with reduced mobility?

There is a lift connecting the restaurant, the tasting rooms, the brewery and the interactive room. This makes a large part of the brewery tour easily accessible.

How are group visits to the brewery organised?

You can book online for groups between 20 and 25 persons on your own initiative provided that no individual visitors have booked in your time slot. Is your group larger? Or do you prefer a guided tour? Then contact us via the contact form.

In addition, groups can also register for a blending session to blend their own Bourgogne des Flandres. Count on about 25 minutes extra.

What does a blending session involve? 

The blending session can be booked as an extra for groups. A beer connoisseur explains how Bourgogne des Flandres is made by blending young and old beer according to the time-honoured Flemish tradition. You find out more on the different components: first on lambic from Timmermans Brewery, which is produced by spontaneous fermentation and aged in wooden barrels, and then on the brown top-fermented beer that is brewed in the loft at the Bruges brewery. And then it is up to you! Blend your own Bourgogne des Flandres. Do you prefer the refreshing, tangy flavour of lambic, or are you a fan of hints of caramel? Conclude your visit with a well-balanced and complex Bourgogne des Flandres made by our brewer.

Is the bar open to everyone?

Yes, you don't need to visit the brewer first before pulling up a chair to enjoy Flemish beer. It nevertheless goes without saying that we strongly recommend a visit to the brewery. For more information please call +32 (0)50 61 25 39.
Open from Tuesday to Sunday between 10:30 am and 7 pm.

How can I book a meeting room for my event?

You can contact Bourgogne des Flandres by phone: 0032 (0)50 33 54 26 or send an email to info@bourgognedesflandres.be

What are the car parking options?

Our brewery is located in the centre of Bruges, but has no parking facilities of its own. Parking in the city centre is possible at a charge and limited to maximum 2 to 4 hours with a (European) parking disc. The nearest underground car park is called "’t Pandreitje" and is a ten-minute walk from the brewery. The easiest option may be to park your car at the railway station and then to take public transport. The brewery is just a few minutes' walk from Grote Markt square.

Address: Kartuizerinnenstraat 6, 8000 Brugge (Bruges)

Brasserie de Waterloo BVBA

Kartuizerinnenstraat 6
8000 Brugge
BE 0839 809 964

Bourgogne des Flandres Finest Brewery Shop, in the heart of Bruges.

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Opening Hours

Tuesday - Sunday
Closed on Monday except during belgian school holidays
10:30 – 17:00
Ale House 10:30 - 18:30